martes, 3 de septiembre de 2019




According to the belief of Vicente Huidobro, a poet is a small God and should create the world from the beginning. Winston Morales Chavarro follows this conviction: he is an enchanted being who believes in appearances and bedazzlement. As a scrivener of an ignored genesis or of an unknown book of waters and forests, he passionately writes down his dreams; he believes in encounters and premonitions that change the destiny. He invents his own myth: Aniquirona, a woman and a reign, flesh and imagination, voice and silence, who grows naked and uncontainable throughout the poem:

With the same intensity
with which heights are honored
I will honor your wise body, Aniquirona,
the way a pier is honored
a collar
or a nocturnal ocean
in placid spaces of time.

Schuaima is the region where that character dwells. It is a world which goes beyond the limits of everyday nature and mediocre things; a space which can be accessed by splitting the self, by febrile and tortuous searching of words and language which is transfigured in the depths of obsessions and roots of the night:

I know that there
in the dark silence of the mirror
lies the orchestral sound of another tomorrow
my head shakes in the wind
and it rains
it rains and I have known with the rain
the open dictionary of the road.

A foreigner woman; the presence of fire and anguish. Aniquirona is the Creature who disquiets because of her feature of a chrysalis: invisible and corporeal, unknown and tangible among forests and the sea. She is a woman. That is, she is eroticism and desire, but also poetry and symbols of imagination. An archetype that unites the need of everything, of removing the time and the limits between death and life:

let us meet
at the yellow shore of death.

In a candle, in a breeze, or perhaps in a wave
we will hold hands
and dance
before the sun sings with its elastic hair
and the son of dust
denies the reality of this rarely crossed gate.

All this is to prove that this book – with its eager searching for wind and shadow – is a tribute to poetry. It inaugurates the presence of a new poet who astonishes with the exalted conviction of his voice and of the powers of dream and imagination.

Guillermo Martínez González